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Windows And Doors installation

Responsibility | For the environment

uPVC windows do not only present a long-lasting durability but they can also be recycled which is another environmental advantage. Plastics are up to 100% recyclable without loss of quality.

Due to the fact that PVC windows are produced environmentally friendly, the PVC windows can be made out of the recyclable material and can be re-used in the future to extend the lifecycles.

As energy losses of the housing are mainly (40%) arises around the window and door area, these parts of the building envelop are being in the focus of the efforts to save valuable energy and reduce the costs for heating and/or cooling. The uPVC windows of Aluplast profiles are suitable even for the top-ranked North American and European Standard. This fact ensures lowest energy consumption

Innovation | at the highest level

Also our profiles are in compliance to the latest Environmental Product Standard according to North American and European Standard which reýects the superb results of the health - and environmental aspects of the uPVC in the whole life circle.

Based on our expertise, we develop innovative high-quality products that set professional standards in our branch. Aluplast meets today's requirements as heat and noise insulation, burglary resistant and an elegant design. To buy our products is to buy long lasting durability and to choose ånest quality and a solid company with many years of experience.

Quality | Made in Canada

Experience and a constant development play a crucial role in the production of uPVC windows. With the close cooperative partnerships with renowned profiles manufacturing company Aluplast, Roto Hardware Essentials, and Glaser Window focuses on environment protection and sustainability and guarantees a maximum in quality and accuracy.

The extruded Aluplast uPVC window profiles are tested according to North American | European Standard and are subject to constant quality control.